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REX (.rx2) is a proprietary type of audio sample loop file format developed by Propellerhead.

It is one of the most popular and widely supported loop file formats for sequencer and digital audio workstation software. It is supported by:

among others.

REX files are named after the three-letter filename suffix for "ReCycle EXport," as these are files generated by Propellerhead's ReCycle looping utility (software used to slice audio loops into REX files).

In a REX file, the audio loop is chopped up into a set of slices usually divided at transients, like the rising edge of a drum hit. These slices are then played back sequentially to produce the entire loop. Because of the way the loops are sliced up, REX loops can be played back at tempos other than the tempo at which they were created (to a limit) without changing the pitch of the loop or otherwise introducing artifacts. Many REX loop players, like Propellerhead’s Dr. REX and Dr. OctoREX, allow you to manipulate the slices, playing them in a non-sequential order or otherwise mangling them to achieve some interesting results.

perkXsoundlabs REX files have been painstakingly sliced by hand (not like the REX files in some kits that just end up being one big slice). Hand-slicing produces much better results when looping, when changing tempo and when performing slice manipulation. This is most evident in bass, pad and noisy (like distortion) loops where the automatic slice detection in ReCycle fails. In these cases, the REX files have been hand-sliced to the beat of the music. If you are an advanced REX loop user, you will truly appreciate this!

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