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Black Sun

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Black Sun

A black sun, or black hole, forms when a star's mass increases to the point that nothing, not even light, can escape. This incredible concentration of mass creates a gravity singularity that exerts its force over a very long distance and consumes any nearby matter, increasing its mass even further. A super-massive black hole is thought to exist at the center of all galaxies, including our own. This album celebrates black holes, their awesome power and spectacular properties.

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Track Information

1Black Sun291US-CGJ-14-29386Am1284/406:28
3Event Horizon293US-CGJ-14-29388Am1284/407:48
4X-Ray Burst294US-CGJ-14-29389Dm1344/407:11
5Sagittarius A-star296US-CGJ-14-29390F#m1454/405:40
6Photon Sphere297US-CGJ-14-29391C1324/406:00
7Cygnus X-1298US-CGJ-14-29392Gm924/406:39
8Accretion Disk299US-CGJ-14-29393Am1284/405:58
9Fornax A301US-CGJ-14-29394Fm1464/405:53
10Into the Infinite302US-CGJ-14-29395G#m1284/408:44
11Gravitational Collapse303US-CGJ-14-29396Cm1424/409:34
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  • Opus: I assign each song I write a unique identification number; this is its opus number.

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