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Star Voyage

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Star Voyage

Star Voyage is a concept album revolving around the theme of interstellar travel. It tells the story of a voyage to a very distant planetary system many thousand light years from Earth. Such a voyage would require faster-than-light travel; knowledge of physics yet to be discovered and a technology yet to be invented.

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Track Information

2Three Parsecs Out330T9134305912Fm1454/405:57
3Breaking Light Speed331T9134406852E1284/405:37
4Launch Sequence334T9134852883Am1364/405:40
5Maximum Thrust335T9134588446Em1334/405:26
6Deep Space336T9134497839Gm1354/405:30
7Interstellar Overdrive337T9134668181G#m1364/405:21
8Stellar Navigation338T9134668192Bm1284/404:22
10Folding Space340T9134498514D#m1334/405:37
11So Far From Home341T9134765074Em1304/404:01
12Towards Journey's End345T9134854243Bbm1334/405:23
13Final Destination348T9134948622Am1284/403:56
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