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This, the 22nd studio album from electronic music pioneer, perkXsoundlabs, combines progressive house and progressive rock in twelve tracks of energetic and uplifting instrumental electronica.


"The new album perfectly captures and builds upon his unique brand of electronica that incorporates elements of everything from modern classical compositions to colorful chiptune alongside hints of trippy trance, energetic dubstep and even 70's and 80's progressive rock for an engaging and psychedelic sound that uplifts and transports you to a different mindset." 4 Stars (out of 5) — Justin Kreitzer
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Track Information

1Without Structure343T9172226561Fm1404/404:44
2Without Form344T9172226345A#m1084/404:02
3Without Substance346T9172226594F#m1284/404:54
4Without Foundation342T9172226389Cm1404/405:24
5Without Framework352T9172226414?1284/403:41
6Without Planning353T9172226527Fm1284/405:37
7Without Thought304T9172226607Gm1284/407:22
8Without Purpose374T9172226550Bm724/405:23
9Without Consideration379T9172226301C#m1404/404:46
10Without Basis422T9172226232D1404/405:06
11Without Meter456T9172226505Dm904/404:24
12Without Intention457T9172226470Am954/405:45
  • ISWC: the International Standard Musical Work Code, is a unique, permanent and internationally recognized reference number for the identification of musical works.
  • Opus: I assign each song I write a unique identification number; this is its opus number.

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