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Inner Eye

Inner Eye


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Track Information

1Looking Into The Inner Eye581T9233525503Dm1304/404:29
2Between The Desires Of The Id583T9233525901Dm1354/404:32
3Station Of The Psyche601T9233525934Em1344/405:22
4Behind The Ajna584T9233533192Cm1384/404:21
5Inner Peace590T9233537503G#m1204/405:15
6The Lotus Flower543T9233537865Am1304/405:04
7The Seven Chakras550T9233685488Gm1284/405:01
8The Clarity Of Inner Guidance629T9233685499Em1403/404:49
9Psychedelic Dreams579T9233685502Gm1354/406:25
12The Five Skandhas597T9233685535Am1104/405:56
13Journey To Nirvana623T9233685546Gm1164/406:25
  • ISWC: the International Standard Musical Work Code, is a unique, permanent and internationally recognized reference number for the identification of musical works.
  • Opus: I assign each song I write a unique identification number; this is its opus number.

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