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Dark Matter

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Dark Matter

Like my first album, String Theory, this album has a scientific theme. This time I musically explore the field of "Dark Matter", a branch of cosmology that deals with the existence of an unobservable substance that permeates all of space. This "Dark Matter" is necessary for current models of the motion of galaxies to work. It also explains several observable phenomena, including gravitational lensing. This album is comprised of music mostly in the "trance" style.

Cover art by Paul Rolan Perkes
I designed the cover art inspired by the WMAP image of the background radiation of the universe left over from the big bang.

This album was released 2013-01-15.


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Track Information

1Dark Matter10T9090137998Gm1374/405:13
2Galactic Rotation46T9090172375Am1284/404:15
3Dark Energy50T9090129843Dm1404/404:24
4Black-body Radiation53T9090125396C#m1384/408:03
7Gravitational Lensing59T9090183009Am1374/404:12
8Alpha Forest54T9090161469Dm1374/405:46
9Dama Libra60T9090155923Cm1374/405:22
10Dark Galaxy55T9090177950Fm1404/407:29
11Majorana Particles61T9090170108Abm1284/406:16
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  • Opus: I assign each song I write a unique identification number; this is its opus number.

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