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This is the fourth album that I have produced. In this album I concentrate more fully on music in the trance style. Trance music has a fairly definable format: strong thumping kick drum on every beat, a tempo pretty close to 138bpm and 32-bar sections, each rising to a climax. On this album I try to adhere to this format, more or less... I released the title track from this album, "Tranceformation", as a single just to see what that process is like.

This album was released on April 15th, 2013.

The single, "Tranceformation", from this album was released on October 2nd, 2012.

Cover art by Paul Rolan Perkes


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Track Information

2Blue Fields67US-CGJ-13-46564Bbm1284/405:50
3Window Pane68US-CGJ-13-46565Cm1284/405:15
4Purple Microdot69US-CGJ-13-46566Cm1304/407:43
6Astral Climax74US-CGJ-13-46568Cm1284/406:48
8Sunset Vision20US-CGJ-13-46570Em1284/404:16
9The Color of Music64US-CGJ-13-46571Gm1284/406:45
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  • Opus: I assign each song I write a unique identification number; this is its opus number.

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