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This project represents a totally new and different direction for me. It all started when I attempted to emulate an electro/dubstep track I liked by Hollidayrain, an artist of whom I am a big fan. I didn't emulate his track precisely; but I was so delighted with what I came up with that I just kept composing tracks in this new style, enough to fill up an album. This became my album, Hidden. It is my own unique fusion of electro, dubstep and jazz. I was so excited by this material that I decided to release this album early and out of sequence on May 31st, 2013.

Cover art by Paul Rolan Perkes


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Track Information

1Your World127US-CGJ-13-46576Gm704/404:56
2Magical Journey128US-CGJ-13-46577Bbm704/405:03
3Hidden Places131US-CGJ-13-46578Cm704/405:01
4Hide and Seek133US-CGJ-13-46579Fm1404/406:32
5Secret Grotto137US-CGJ-13-46580Fm704/408:13
6Beyond the Crystal Cave140US-CGJ-13-46581F#m704/406:58
7Beneath the Rising Star141US-CGJ-13-46582Cm704/405:45
9Jamais vu142US-CGJ-13-46584Gm1284/405:37
11The Long Winding Path152US-CGJ-13-46586Fm704/406:41
13Searching for Nowhere156US-CGJ-13-46588C704/405:29
  • ISRC: the International Standard Recording Code, is the internationally recognized identification tool for sound and music video recordings.
  • Opus: I assign each song I write a unique identification number; this is its opus number.

All music composed, performed and produced by Paul Rolan Perkes
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