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In my fifth album I was inspired by bleak landscapes, often appearing barren lifeless, they can also hold their own form of intense beauty. I used a wide variety of tools making this album, including starting with just one unique sound and building on it, pre-packaged trance construction kits, starting with a chord progression and building off of that and various applications on my iPad (Figure, Garage Band, Music Studio, iSequence & ProChords).

This album contains the song that is my personal favorite of all the songs I have composed and that I am most proud of, "Sunbeam Transit". It is the first track on the album.


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Track Information

1Sunbeam Transit93T9092035400D#m1384/404:53
3Falling Stars84T9091788657Bbm1104/403:27
4At the Edge of Dawn87T9091788102Bm1384/405:54
5Embrasser Maladroites76T9091804852G#m1384/404:50
6Pre-flight Anticipation78T9091801922C#m1284/405:30
9Under a Lonely Sky85T9091806483F#m1384/405:47
11Twilight Reflection89T9091800985D#m1384/407:39
12Ethereal Transmission90T9092009444Dm1384/405:32
13Moonlight Adventure91T9092035386Em1384/406:33
14Mercury Rising92T9092035397Dm1384/404:53
  • ISWC: the International Standard Musical Work Code, is a unique, permanent and internationally recognized reference number for the identification of musical works.
  • Opus: I assign each song I write a unique identification number; this is its opus number.

All music composed, performed and produced by Paul Rolan Perkes
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