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For some time now I find myself living on the edge: financially, medically, emotionally and physically; mostly because of my disability, living with MS. I am quite literally just on the verge of (or actually) falling all the time. I have become so used to living on the precipice that it has become second nature and I can't really imagine living any other way. This album I titled "Edge" seeks to explore that feeling musically. I was inspired by the image of standing on the edge of razor, teetering precariously on an impossibly thin precipice, on the verge of falling one way or perhaps another.

This album is pretty much in its final form now and I am quite pleased with it. I hope you enjoy it. I plan on releasing this album on October 15th, 2013.

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Track Information

1Undeniable Love94US-HM9-13-26419Dm1384/408:13
2On the Edge95US-HM9-13-26420Fm1384/406:29
3Transparent Memories96US-HM9-13-26421Fm1384/406:22
4Pushing Through97US-HM9-13-26422Bm1384/405:30
7About Face101US-HM9-13-26425Bbm1284/404:56
8Infinite Landscape102US-HM9-13-26426Cm1404/407:26
9Cosmic Portal103US-HM9-13-26427Am1384/407:24
10Slow Trip100US-HM9-13-26428C#m1384/406:19
12Edge of Night104US-HM9-13-26430Fm1204/405:56
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