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Heterogeneous Electronic, Vol. 1 Heterogeneous Electronic, Vol. 2

About perkXsoundlabs Construction Kits

perkXsoundlabs now offers complete music construction kits that you may use, royalty-free, to make your own compositions with that unique perkXsoundlabs sound. These music construction kits contain loopable music files commonly referred to as music loops (or just loops) for all parts (drums, bass, guitar, pad, arp, lead, chorus, verse, etc...) that make up a single song. You can then combine these loops using your own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software to create your own song based on the provided song components.

These highly professional construction kits contain loopable FLAC and hand-sliced REX files for all parts in 24-bit, 48 kHz resolution. Dry, Wet and MIDI versions are provided where possible. Each kit includes a comprehensive "README" text file with your license and all the specific details of the kit.

FLAC is the Free Lossless Audio Codec and compresses audio with no loss of fidelity whatsoever (compared to MP3, OGG or AAC). FLAC files can easily be converted to WAV or AIFF files if your DAW doesn't support FLAC. REX is a proprietary type of audio sample loop file format developed by Propellerhead that is supported by most DAWs. 24-bit audio is a professional, higher-resolution audio format that gives you approx. 8 million amplitude levels, compared to the 32 thousand amplitude levels of standard 16-bit audio. This gives you much greater fidelity and allows you to better amplify, attenuate and mix the volume of loops without loss of fidelity.

All parts are provided, and usually include drum, bass, guitar, keys, pad, lead & arp. Use the wet versions with their stunning effects already applied, or use the dry versions and apply your own effects. Complete MIDI tracks are provided so that you can flesh out your productions with your own favorite soft synths. A fully mixed and mastered demo track is provided with each kit to get you started and be a springboard for your own ideas. Don't just try to reproduce the demo track—switch things up, make changes, make it your own!

The music that you make from these kits is entirely your own, royalty-free, aside from the initial cost of the kits. You can sell it, distribute it, give it away for free or use it in your YouTube videos with no copyright infringement.


By popular demand, the sale has been extended through the end of December 2017! Individual kits are available for the introductory price of $10 $5 each or you can purchase an entire bundle of 6 kits for $40 $20. (A 33% savings over purchasing the individual kits and a total bundle savings of 66% with the special!)



This is the exact wording of the license distributed with each construction kit:

Produced by Paul Rolan Perkes for perkXsoundlabs. Copyright 2017—All rights reserved, except where specifically granted. If you legally purchased this construction kit, you have the right to use it, royalty-free, in the production of your own musical works. You may freely sell or distribute those derived works without restriction. You may not, however, sell or redistribute this kit or any part thereof.

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